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Green Summit - The Future of Cleantech Jobs

The Green Summit, a two day hybrid event taking place in San Diego featuring leaders in renewable energy, cleantech, science, and sustainability, sharing their vision for a cleaner more sustainable future.

Speakers come from varied backgrounds including, renewable energy, electric vehicles, solar technology, finance, sustainable product development, transportation, and job growth, and will each be giving a 30-minute presentation about their respective industries.

The goal of this event is to educate people about the latest trends in renewable energy and cleantech, so that they can support businesses that are working to create a more sustainable future, as well as bring more awareness on a local, national, and international level about San Diego and its leading tech and renewable energy companies.

Interview with Jennifer Goodwillie & Melissa Peterson, Vice Presidents at Orsted

Congrats, Ørsted, on completing the 367 MW Western Trail Wind Farm in Texas – the largest onshore wind project to date! I was excited to get to speak with some of the award-winning brains behind this project: Jennifer Goodwillie & Melissa Peterson. We also spoke about what it takes to succeed in origination & project development in wind energy, the value of mentorship (shout out to Becky Diffen for being an incredible mentor!) & WRISE, & learning to embrace a more circuitous career path than anticipated. 

Interview with Becky Diffen, Partner at Norton Rose Fulbright

What does it take to succeed in project development & legal in cleantech? I spoke with Becky Diffen, Partner at Norton Rose Fulbright, & former developer, about this & some of the recent deals she’s most proud, including 7X’s 9 GW portfolio of solar projects that bp purchased, as well as the offshore wind joint venture between National Grid & RWE. We also spoke about challenges & trends this space is facing, the value of mentorship & WRISE in our industry, & some of North Rose Fulbright’s successful diversity & inclusion initiatives.

Interview with Dory Peters of Big Navajo Energy & Bill McCabe of McCabe & Associates

Did you know Navajo Nation households make up 75% of all unelectrified households in the U.S.? I discussed a recent hydrogen project Dory Peters of Big Navajo Energy & William McCabe of Navajo Nation Oil and Gas Company have undertaken with Siemens & Power Innovations International Inc to address this issue. We also spoke about Dory’s work to provide distributed solar & wind systems to local Navajo homes to prevent families living within a half mile of nearest power line from paying upwards of $60,000 per mile to connect to the grid.

Governments have been fairly supportive of several types of hydrogen so far, including blue hydrogen. What role do you think hydrogen plays in a fully decarbonized, electrified future for all?

Interview with Liz Lachowitzer, Business Development Manager at Mortenson

I really enjoyed speaking with @Liz Lachowitzer about @Mortenson’s creative new Sisters of the Traveling Hard Hat program, which is designed to spotlight leading women on Mortenson’s projects. Thank you, Liz, for helping to pave the way forward for women in cleantech through this new program as well as your strong, consistent involvement with @WRISE over the years. Liz & I spoke about the pivotal role @WRISE has played in her career as well as about Mortenson’s additional impactful diversity, equity & inclusion initiatives, such as hiring an unbiased, third party consultancy; launching Construction Inclusion Week; & creating affinity groups & associated internal events. Learn more about Mortenson’s Sisters of the Traveling Hard Hat program ( & Construction Inclusion Week (

Interview with Emilie Wangerman, Senior VP, Head of Business Development & M&A, Lightsource bp

Congrats, Lightsource bp, on doubling your solar power project pipeline in a single day! Led by Emilie Wangerman, Lightsource bp’s business development team supported bp in acquiring an additional 9 GW pipeline of projects from 7X Energy, Inc., which will be exclusively developed by Lightsource bp’s U.S. team. The projects are spread across 12 U.S states & will generate enough clean energy to power ~1.7 million U.S. homes. 
I recently spoke with Emilie about this achievement, how Lightsource bp is making sure its rapid expansion integrates diversity & inclusion, as well as how Emilie was able to transition into & excel within the clean energy industry. 

Interview with Trevor Hardy, CEO & Safiyyah Khan, VP of Marketing, BlueWave Solar

What can your company learn from BlueWave Solar, which has been ranked alongside Patagonia as one of the most impactful companies in the world? I’ve been impressed w/BlueWave’s Anti-Racist Action Plan & progress on this initiative as well as its B Corporation status & commitment to the triple bottom line. Some key takeaways & recommendations from my interview w/BlueWave’s CEO, Trevor Hardy, & VP of Marketing, Safiyyah Khan, as it relates to implementing successful diversity, equity, inclusion & justice (DEIJ) initiatives are: 

✅ Formed an internal Advisory Council 
✅ Reviewed hiring processes → now have more diverse executive team
✅ Partnered w/All In EnergyEnroot & Boston Private Industry Council to discover more diverse interns
✅ Implemented pay equity
✅ Sought out a DEIJ consultant

I also spoke w/them about why mentorship & diverse leadership are critical as well as about how their agrivoltaic projects are supporting the triple bottom line. 

Interview with Katie Mehnert, CEO & Founder of ALLY Energy

Congrats, Katie Mehnert & ALLY Energy, on being selected as an Inaugural Member of Greentown Labs Houston! Greentown Labs is North America’s largest incubator for climate-focused startups & recently chose ALLY, a rapidly growing, digital company focused on diversifying the clean energy & traditional energy workforces, as one of the first members of the recently opened Greentown Labs Houston. I’m incredibly inspired by Katie, who, in addition to leading & founding ALLY, is also a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Equity in Energy Program Ambassador & founded Lean In Energy.

“To achieve net zero, we need equal amounts of human & financial capital, a dose of pragmatism & allyship. We need ALL people & ALL forms of energy to fully enable the energy transition. Equity, energy & our economy are converging & ALLY is the community where we are creating an ALL-inclusive future together.” – Katie Mehnert, CEO & Founder of ALLY Energy

ALLY Energy 2.0: Making the Job Transition to New Energy

Charli Matthews (Empowering Brands), Sarah Derdowski (CU Denver GEM Program), and Catherine McLean (Dylan Green) created space for a deep-dive of an Open Discussion centered around what it will take to transition roles and skills to new energy jobs. Lots of candid conversation was had surrounding the challenges of women leaving the workforce, transitioning various roles across different sectors in energy, and how to keep all voices and talent engaged.

Interview with Alice Myerhoff, Director of Corporate & Board Development at How Women Lead​

Did you know that women founders generate 1.5x more revenue than male founders, according to a Boston Consulting Group (BCG)? However, women only receive 2% of venture capital funding despite making up 42% of all entrepreneurs. Investing in women leaders would also return $4.4 trillion to the economy, according to Morgan Stanley‘s Beyond the VC Funding Gap survey. I spoke with Alice Myerhoff of How Women Lead & How Women Invest about how they are both investing in women entrepreneurs & helping women across all industries prepare for & join Boards. Alice also provided advice for managers on how to overcome the “SHEcession,” or the loss of 5.3 million women from the workforce since the pandemic began.

Interview with Kristal Hansley, Founder & CEO of WeSolar

Did you know community solar capacity in the U.S. has doubled year over year in the past decade? I recently spoke with Kristal, the first Black woman to found a community solar company & who has recently been featured in Fortune, Bloomberg & Vogue due to her leadership on topics like environmental justice. Kristal, through WeSolar, has been revolutionizing community solar by pledging to save customers between 25% & 50% on their electric bills; & removing barriers like long-term contracts & stiff credit checks. Part of WeSolar’s strategy is partnering with reputable firms like Volt Energy to offer community solar to inner city residents in places like Washington D.C. & Maryland. 

Interview with Isabelle Christensen, Doosan GridTech Solar and Storage Subject Matter Expert

Astroscientist, economist, electrical engineer, renewable energy veteran, NASA Ambassador & social entrepreneur are just a few ways to describe Isabelle Christensen, BSEE, PHD of Doosan GridTech. I spoke w/Isabelle about Doosan GridTech’s distributed energy resources aggregation software platform & work across the globe, how her interest in STEM work developed, as well as how she came to found Rocket Science for Girls, Professional Women in Solar & a now thriving women-focused solar energy microfinance startup in Africa.

Interview with Kathy Hannun, Founder & President of Dandelion

Congrats, Kathy Hannun & Dandelion Energy, on closing a $30M funding round led by Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy ! Women-led startups received just 2.3% of venture capital funding in 2020, as this is a major accomplishment. I spoke w/Founder & President of Dandelion, Kathy Hannun, about raising funds while pregnant, how her leadership style has grown over the years, as well as the expected proliferation of geothermal energy in the coming years.

Interview with Jigar Shah, Co-Founder & President of Generate Capital​

Who knew that a meeting with Jigar Shah at Panera would alter the course of my work? I recently spoke w/Jigar about how he was so ahead of the curve when it comes to diversity, equity & inclusion; why not having mentors is a huge sign of weakness; how he has applied lessons learned from SunEdison at Generate Capital & more.

Interview with Miles Braxton, of Goldman Sachs Renewable Power Group

What are some specific ways we can bring greater diversity, equity & inclusion to the clean energy industry? I spoke w/Miles Braxton of Goldman Sachs Renewable Power Group about his exciting new initiative, BlackOak Collective, which brings together advocates & Black & Indigenous people of color working in sustainability for networking, mentorship, job opportunities, education & more. Miles was awarded the Leadership in Green Power Education Award from the EPA & CRS, & the JEDI Champion Award from CELI for his efforts in diversifying the clean energy candidate pool. BlackOak Collective is the latest addition to these successful efforts.

Interview of me, Catherine McLean, by Dylan Welch of Going Green​

Which clean energy jobs are growing the fastest & where? Although utility scale solar jobs rebounded the quickest after the pandemic hit, specifically project finance roles, wind power & energy storage job openings have picked up in recent months. Dylan Welch of Going Green recently interviewed Catherine McLean about this, how prospective employees can break into the industry, her entrepreneurial drive & her focus on diversity, equity & inclusion.

Interview with Abby Hopper, President & CEO of Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA)

What was it like to transition from a divorce attorney to the President & CEO of Solar Energy Industries Association  (SEIA), all while raising three young children? I recently spoke w/Abby Hopper about this, mom guilt, managing consistently being the only woman in the room & the value of personal champions. We also spoke about the exciting new ways SEIA is further developing both its internal & external diversity, inclusion & equity initiatives.

Interview with Dan Misch, Founder & Co-Director of the Veterans Advanced Energy Project (VAEP)

Did you know that veterans are 39% more likely to be promoted earlier & 160% more likely to have a graduate degree or higher than nonveterans? Yet one third of veterans remain underemployed. I spoke w/Dan Misch, Founder & Co-Director of the Veterans Advanced Energy Project (VAEP) & Senior Manager of Wind Asset Management at Invenergy LLC, who has made it his mission to ensure the 200,000+ military members who separate from the service every year can seamlessly transition into other purpose-driven industries like clean energy. 

Interview with Marion Hill, SVP of Renewables Advisory for North America at DNV GL

How has DNV GL been able to attract new hires that are roughly 40% racially diverse & 50% female over the past several years? I spoke with Marion Hill, SVP of Renewables Advisory for North America at DNV GL, about the effective diversity, equity & inclusion initiatives DNV has been implementing & why; what it’s been like to be a female engineer in the clean energy industry for over a decade; DNV’s impressive recent work with ENGIE & more:

Interview with Julia Pyper, Contributing Editor for Greentech Media

How are Democrats & Republicans coming together to move forward with swift climate action? I recently spoke with Julia Pyper, Contributing Editor for Greentech Media, Host & Producer of Political Climate & Atlantic Council Senior Fellow about this, her bipartisan, climate-focused podcast, how our industry can move forward with greater diversity, equity & inclusion & more. Subscribe for free to listen to Political Climate:

Interview with Jared DeWese, Senior Communications Advisor at Third Way

With 68% of Americans saying that climate change will play a very or somewhat important role this election, does Joe Biden’s plan sufficiently address environmental injustices? According to Jared DeWese, Senior Communications Advisor for Third Way, Joe Biden’s plan, which commits to invest 40% of clean energy money in historically disadvantaged communities, is “absolutely incredible & a great starting point for addressing these issues…This goes to the third critical takeaway from our black Americans & climate change qualitative research.”

Interview with Dan Shugar, CEO and Founder of NEXTracker

Did you know 90% of solar employees believe mentorship is critical to advancement, yet only 37% of clean energy companies offer these programs, according to the Solar Foundation? NEXTracker is one such company that offers a robust mentorship program for women, people of color & lower income residents in order to facilitate greater diversity, equity & inclusion within the clean energy industry. I recently spoke with Dan Shugar, CEO of NEXTracker, about this program, including their partnership with Women in Cleantech & Sustainability & Girls Inc.

Interview with Julia Hamm, CEO & President of Smart Electric Power Alliance

What was it like to become the President & CEO of Smart Electric Power Alliance at the age of 27? I recently spoke with Julia Hamm about this, the value of taking significant risks to make big career moves, salary negotiation and her personal champions. 

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Interview with Gilbert Campbell, Co-Founder and CEO of Volt Energy

Catherine talks with Gilbert about his background in clean energy, his work on the SEIA board with diversity and inclusion initiatives, his advice for entrepreneurs and more.

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Interview with Kathy Magruder, Executive Director of Maryland Clean Energy Center

Are you an inventor looking to move your clean technology to market but need some extra support, or are you interested in providing strategic business guidance for early stage cleantech companies? The Maryland Energy Innovation Accelerator (MEIA) is bringing key team members & strategic partners to new companies that are helping to mitigate climate change. One wind energy company has already earned sponsorship from Exelon as a result of MEIA.

Catherine speaks with Katherine Magruder, Executive Director of Maryland Clean Energy Center, about MEIA’s Energy Executive in Residence program & the impact MEIA has had on facilitating the growth of critical clean tech companies thus far.

Interview with Nicole Steele, Co-Chair of Clean Energy for Biden

Catherine talks with Nicole about how climate change could be the issue that tips the scales of the upcoming presidential election, CE4B’s impressive accomplishments thus far, Joe Biden’s plan for an equitable, clean energy-led economic recovery & much more.

SunCast Panel: Diversity and Inclusion Hiring in Action

How are managers creating diverse and inclusive work environments? Hear from hiring professionals and D&I experts as they dispense practical advice, best practices, and processes to efficiently implement D&I strategies to your hiring procedures.

Interview with Devin Hampton, CEO of UtilityAPI

Catherine talks with Devin about why UtilityAPI’s management team having virtually no overlapping demographics is actually a strength, as well as his recent viral LinkedIn post about the lack of diversity & inclusion in the clean energy industry among many other topics.

Part 1

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Interview with Reneé Bourgeois, Energy Data Consultant

How Big Is The Opportunity To Gain Diversity Hires From The Fossil Industry?

After big oil & gas companies like Chevron laid off up to 15% of their staff amid Coronavirus context, the downsizing of the fossil fuel industry has become obvious, and it opened a window for many qualified professionals to transition into the clean energy space, but how do we get there?

Join me live with Catherine McLean and Reneé Bourgeois as we cover some of the best techniques and approaches you can take to transfer your skills into the clean energy sector by identifying your right “role”.

Interview with Bee Hui Yeh, Founder of The Power of We

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Interview with Paula Glover, President & CEO of American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE)

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Interview with Jabu Dayton, the CPO at Energy Impact Partners.

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Interview with Rahul Advani, CEO of SER Capital.

Watch the latest videos from Dylan Green with an insightful interview with Rahul Advani, the CEO and Managing Partner at SER Capital.

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I’m excited to announce that 6 months after we made the 50% commitment, we’ve placed 62.5% women, 60% of which have been women of color or women from the LGBTQ community! To keep this progress going, we need to bring new, diverse candidates into the clean energy industry.

Interview with Karen Lalley, SVP at People Nexamp

Watch the latest videos from Dylan Green with Karen Lalley, SVP at People Nexamp discussing the process of onboarding during a pandemic and the overall importance of industry passions for clean energy hires.

Interview with Elizabeth Weir, COO at Sol Systems

Watch the latest videos from Dylan Green with Elizabeth Weir, COO at Sol Systems discussing how their business and team have adapted and creatively communicated their core focus during the pandemic.

Part 5 Ann and HR leadership

Interview with Katherine Ryzhaya, CEO at Marvel Power Group

Watch the latest video from Dylan Green with Katherine Ryzhaya, CEO at Marvel Power Group. We cover her career story and journey founding Marvel, what it’s like to launch a company in COVID-19, forecasting revenue and hiring in a pandemic, predicting a new normal, being in the Silicon Valley area right now, hiring remote candidates, sales vs business development (spoiler: she thinks they’re the same), the most challenging roles to find diverse candidates for, and handling mansplaining.

Interview with Leigh-Golding DeSantis, COO of Sparkfund

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Interview with Jen Herwig, Vice President of Human Resources at Constellation

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Commitment to 50% female candidates for all jobs - Update from Catherine McLean

Watch the latest video from Dylan Green announcing their commitment to 50% female candidates for all jobs. Read the full transcript here.

Interview with Kristin Barbato, CEO of Build Edison

Watch the latest videos from Dylan Green with Kristin Barbato, Founder and CEO of Build Edison and Co-Founder of Dynamo Energy Hub.

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Interview with Claudia M. Meer, CIO and CFO of AlphaStruxure 

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Interview with Pam Maines and Vanessa Deutschmann of Empower Energies

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Interview with Jigar Shah, Co-Founder & President of Generate Capital​