Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Recruitment

Dylan Green Renewable Energy places a large focus on the Renewables industry with a focused specialism in origination and asset management within solar, energy storage, wind, and alternative technologies.

Solar Energy Recruitment

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has stated that over the next 30 years solar energy would account for over 15% of the global energy network. As a result, there is an anticipated surge of new solar jobs to manage the rising number of projects worldwide. The solar market is continuing to experience a number of changes due to continued technological evolution and innovation. As a result, the costs for solar generation are decreasing, making solar an efficient and competitive energy source for the future.

Smart Grid Recruitment

Energy Storage Recruitment

Energy storage is a rapidly developing market involving tapping into potential energy that can be stored and used at a later stage. Energy storage incorporates everything from battery technology to pumped hydro, thermal and compression facilities. The rise of new storage technology has driven an increased demand for energy storage professionals and a rising requirement for skilled storage professionals. Energy storage is expected to be an essential market to support our movement towards a low carbon transition.

Wind Energy Recruitment

The advancement in wind turbine technology has sparked a significant leap in the wind industry in recent years. The innovation in turbine development has enabled the delivery of cost effective and highly efficient systems both onshore and offshore, and on floating structures. The demand for skilled wind industry professionals has increased significantly in recent year. Industry leaders expect the demand for skilled wind talent to continue rising as the industry explores techniques to improve efficiency and associated costs.

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