A Women-Owned VC Fund that is Enabling the Digitalization of Climate Solutions | Allison Myers of Buoyant Ventures

The Green Light

What was it like to close a $76 million climate tech VC fund backed by Microsoft & Bank of America? In this Green Light episode, Catherine spoke with Allison Myers, one of the founders of the 100% women-owned firm, Buoyant Ventures, about this, as well as how Buoyant is advancing global sustainability initiatives by enabling startups to digitalize climate solutions. Think: software, AI, & machine learning. Some of Buoyant’s portfolio companies include Audette, which is streamlining the process of decarbonizing buildings, & Reeldata, which is creating sustainable aquaculture through AI. Allison also spoke about her transition into climate tech from healthcare & consulting & why she loves running a climate-focused VC firm.

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