Energy Equity & Navigating Your Career as an ‘Outsider’ | Elizabeth Kaiga of DNV

The Green Light

As an American with Kenyan heritage and a multicultural upbringing that includes formative years in India, Elizabeth Kaiga brings a highly unique & necessary lens to the energy transition. Our CEO spoke with Elizabeth, DNV’s Chief Commercial Officer for Energy Systems in North America, at her office in Virginia. They spoke about her unconventional career path in the energy industry – starting from when she interned for the United Nations Environmental Programme, to then working at several global professional service firms. We especially loved hearing from Elizabeth about how she has successfully navigated her career as someone with a multicultural background & who has often been an ‘outsider’, as well as about the new energy equity offerings DNV is now providing to its clients.

Elizabeth has been on the Board of WRISE for 7 years now & shared more with Catherine about the ways in which the organization is directly impacting lives through fellowships, job boards, mentoring, networking opportunities & its speakers bureau. She also highlighted the strong impact of WRISE’s corporate sponsors, including Google, Edison Energy, SOLV, RWE, Cordelio Power, MCE, Orsted, Qcells, Lightsource bp, Copia Power, AES, Longroad Energy and DNV. Elizabeth has also been on the Board of Solar Sister, a nonprofit that has helped over 10,000 women in Sub-Saharan Africa (an emerging market) gain access to clean energy solutions in off-grid communities and create clean energy businesses. Thank you, Elizabeth, for all that you do for our industry!

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