Scaling Green Hydrogen, Allyship & Work Life Balance | Linette Casey of Siemens Energy

The Green Light

From starting out in gas turbine logistics to now leading sales for decarbonization initiatives in the Americas, Linette Casey has seen it all in her 23 years at Siemens Energy. And it all started with a Girl Scout trip. In this Green Light episode, Catherine spoke with Linette about her transition to renewables as well as the company’s green hydrogen partnership with Air Liquide. Linette also shared about how she overcame significant challenges in her career, such as having to prioritize family & remote work during a crisis, which she successfully navigated with the support of her male allies & colleagues.

Beyond her achievements in clean energy, Linette has been incredibly dedicated to mentoring less experienced women in our industry. Through her work with the Boston Chapter of the Women’s Energy Network, Linette was able to help implement a brand new scholarship program for young women who plan to pursue a career in clean energy. She has also worked closely with Erin Twamley & the YMCA to help educate young women about the types of clean energy jobs available to them.

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