Sunnova’s $3B Loan Guarantee from the DOE & Working with Tribal Nations | Meghan Nutting of Sunnova

The Green Light

Did you know Sunnova recently secured a historic $3 billion partial loan guarantee from the Department of Energy? In this Green Light episode, Catherine spoke with Meghan Nutting, EVP of Government & Regulatory Affairs at Sunnova, from the Women of Renewable Industries and Sustainable Energy (WRISE) Leadership Forum. Meghan spoke about how Sunnova’s Project Hestia will help reduce electricity bills for low income families. She also spoke about Sunnova’s recent partnership with FranklinWH Energy Storage on a first-of-its-kind 208V compliant battery to help deploy energy storage for multi-family homes. Meghan also shared some inspiring stories about Sunnova’s work with Tribal Nations, including through the Alliance for Tribal Clean Energy & projects with Empowered by Light.

From a Theater major to Deputy Press Secretary for a Senator to a World Bank Consultant & now a solar policy expert, Meghan shared about her transition into the clean energy industry. She also shed some light on net metering; how local, state & federal governments are incentivizing faster solar permitting times; & the impact of the IRA on supply chain challenges. 

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