Technology Recruitment

Dylan Green Technology recruitment team focus on IoT, data analytics, predictive maintenance, AI and machine learning software, covering commercial and industrial sectors.

Data Analytics Recruitment

Data Analytics Recruitment

The availability of data has grown dramatically, yet many businesses are finding it challenging to apply the right skill set and talent to really take full advantage of the information available today. The rise of new data and insights has enabled many businesses to become more efficient and create a competitive edge in their market. The rise of predictive analytics is creating a deeper understanding of the factors that influence a business and what trends can really boost business performance.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

What would happen if machines and systems could collect insights from large data sets individually and enhance their processes in real time? This concept is possible and can be delivered step-by-step through artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is regarded to many as the most important technology available today and has created a significant demand for talent in the AI and ML markets.

IoT Recruitment

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming how we do business. Through connecting devices and sensors to the internet, we are moving into an era where analytics and automation are generating huge innovation.. As industry and home automation progress, IoT devices are likely to become even more prevalent. Companies that integrate and understand the potential of IoT are the ones likely to lead new innovation in the years to come.

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