BlueWave Solar & The Triple Bottom Line | Trevor Hardy & Safiyyah Khan of BlueWave Solar

The Green Light

What can your company learn from BlueWave Solar, which has been ranked alongside Patagonia as one of the most impactful companies in the world? From their B Corp status to their own initiative against racism and hate, BlueWave Solar is taking matters into their own hands and paving a path forward, towards a more equitable workplace.

In this episode, Catherine speaks with BlueWave’s CEO, Trevor Hardy, & VP of Marketing, Safiyyah Khan, about their recommendations for implementing successful diversity, equity, inclusion & justice (DEIJ) initiatives, ranging from forming an internal Advisory Council to partnering with external organizations. They also discuss their outlook on mentorship and the connection between diversity and impactful leadership. Seeing success in their own agrivoltaic projects as they support the triple bottom line.

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