Solar Sisters of the Traveling Hard Hat | Liz Lachowitzer of Mortenson

Watch the video of this interview here: Interview with Liz Lachowitzer

The Green Light

How have diversity programs affected the cleantech industry? What organizations are expanding the conversation around equity and inclusion?

In this episode, we speak with Liz Lachowitzer of Mortenson, as she reflects on her newly launched program, ‘Sisters of the Traveling Hard Hat’, which was designed to spotlight women who are leading and developing projects in the cleantech space – helping to pave the way forward for women and collaborate with like-minded organizations like Women of Renewable Industries and Sustainable Energy (WRISE).

Mortenson has launched additional impactful diversity, equity & inclusion initiatives, such as hiring an unbiased, third-party consultancy; launching Construction Inclusion Week; & creating affinity groups. Catherine will also discuss the impactful impression that these types of organizations have on mentor and mentee relationships. Reflecting on Liz’s experience with the mentors in her life and how those relationships have shaped her professional career today.

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