Overcoming the SHEcession & Investing in Women Entrepreneurs | Alice Myerhoff of How Women Lead

The Green Light

Did you know that women founders generate 1.5x more revenue than male founders, according to a Boston Consulting Group (BCG)? However, women only receive 2% of venture capital funding despite making up 42% of all entrepreneurs. Investing in women leaders would also return $4.4 trillion to the economy, according to Morgan Stanley’s Beyond the VC Funding Gap survey.

In this Green Light episode, Catherine speaks with Alice Myerhoff of How Women Lead & How Women Invest about how they are both investing in women entrepreneurs & helping women across all industries prepare for and join Boards. Alice will also provide advice for managers on how to overcome the “SHEcession,” or the loss of 5.3 million women from the workforce since the beginning of the pandemic.

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