Why Greentown Labs Invested in ALLY Energy & How We Can Transition Former Fossil Fuel Employees Into Cleantech | Katie Mehnert of ALLY Energy

The Green Light

In this episode, we congratulate Katie Mehnert, CEO & Founder of ALLY Energy on becoming an Inaugural Member of Greentown Labs Houston. Greentown Labs is North America’s largest incubator for climate-focused startups & recently chose ALLY Energy, a rapidly growing, digital company focused on diversifying the clean energy & traditional energy workforces, as one of the first members of the recently opened Greentown Labs Houston.

The Green Light podcast is inspired by such work. In addition to leading & starting ALLY, Katie is also a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Equity in Energy Program Ambassador & Founder of Lean In Energy. Katie will speak about why she founded ALLY, her experience with her first investor, & how she is helping former fossil fuel employees transition to a career in clean energy.

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