Why aren’t there more women CEOs? | Luann Abrams of CEOX

The Green Light

Why aren’t there more women CEOs & why don’t more women view themselves as “CEO-ready”? In this Green Light episode, Catherine is joined by Luann Abrams, CEO of CEOX, who is tackling these challenges every day. Almost 3 years ago, Luann founded CEOX, to focus exclusively on connecting highly qualified female CEO-ready candidates to CEO, board, and C-Suite roles. Luann speaks about her transition from venture capital to CEOX & shares stories of how simple conversations with advocates can, & have, changed the entire trajectory of women’s careers.

CEOX has created a community of successful CEO-ready women & programming to support & elevate them on their career journey. Nominate a CEO-ready candidate in your network by visiting projectceox.com/nominate. Discover your next CEO by visiting projectceox.com/discover.

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