Female Entrepreneurship & Walmart Going Solar | Tom Weirich & Candice Michalowicz, EDP Renewables

The Green Light

In this Green Light episode, Catherine is joined by Candice Michalowicz, COO of EDPR Distributed Generation, & Tom Weirich, Senior Marketing Manager at EDP Renewables North America. She speaks with these two brains behind the world’s 4th largest renewable energy producer about how EDPR’s Distributed Generation business unit – which now clocks over 50 employees – came to fruition just 3 years ago, & it all started with Candice. Catherine also speaks with Tom about his exciting new book that’s focused on the cleantech industry’s risk-taking pioneers. Candice & Tom also speak about why Walmart chose, & continues to choose, to partner with EDPR on a number of renewable energy projects throughout the U.S. as well as EDPR’s recent acquisition of Sunseap Group Pte Ltd.

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