Utility-Scale Energy Storage Growth Strategy & Recruiting Top Tier Diverse Talent | Tasha McCarter of RWE

The Green Light

From SunPower to Silicon Ranch to now RWE, Tasha McCarter has provided engineering leadership at every stage in the lifecycle of a power plant. She is now tasked with ensuring continued cleantech growth by focusing on people, processes & technology for RWE, which has nearly 20,000 employees in 30 countries. In this Green Light episode, Catherine spoke with Tasha about where she anticipates the most utility-scale energy storage growth taking place in the coming years, & how she & her team are overcoming key obstacles to cleantech deployment through policy & technology. Tasha also shared her key tips on how to recruit & retain a diverse team; how her interest in energy was sparked by a literal light bulb during a third grade science project; & about the ways in which she is giving back by supporting other energy professionals. Thanks for tuning in to the Green Light. Now let’s dive in.

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