Partnering with Microsoft to Scale Community Solar’s Benefits Among Low-Income Households| Steph Speirs & Sandhya Murali of Solstice

The Green Light

Solstice recently partnered with ENGIE North America & Microsoft to bring up to 60% electricity savings to low-income households & nonprofits in Illinois through community solar. In this Green Light episode, Catherine spoke with the Founders of Solstice, Steph Speirs & Sandhya Murali, who met in business school at MIT after working in off-grid solar in places like India, Pakistan & Peru. Together, they have made significant progress in bridging the clean energy access gap in the U.S. Solstice’s success has been due in part to their AI & machine learning models, which have helped achieve their 99% collections rate & 98% subscription rate. If you’re looking for some inspiration & to learn about the latest advancements in community solar & climate equity, check out this episode.

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