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Building a sustainable future with clean energy

How the pandemic can accelerate the transition towards clean energy

The recently released Sustainable Development G7 report delivered a key message that despite continued progress, the world will not meet the required standards to provide global access to affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy by 2030 unless we significantly increase our efforts. The Tracking SDG7 report was produced in partnership between IEA, IRENA, UNSD, the World…
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Rising investment plans for a clean energy future

Rapidly progressive markets and continued changes in investor requirements are expected to create significant opportunities for asset managers in the coming years.  In terms of the energy market, over 70% of total global energy demand in 2018 was driven directly by China, the United States, and India.  The recent Global Utility Asset Management Market 2020-2028…
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AI in the solar industry

How AI is transforming solar investment and asset management

With rising competition and increasing expectations from investors, solar businesses are actively looking towards innovative technology.

Dylan Green announces commitment to 50% female candidates for all jobs

Dylan Green has announced it will commit to sending at least 50% female candidates for every job they are working on. One of the challenges facing diversity and inclusion in the energy industry is the continued disadvantage women experience in regard to being provided adequate access to employment and industry trends.  Having clear access to…
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Dylan Green selected as recruitment partner by DC Green Bank

Dylan Green has been selected as the preferred recruitment agency partner by innovative policy firm, DC Green Bank, to support its CEO search. This represents one of many hires at DC Green Bank and is a positive development for Dylan Green. DC Green Bank’s key objective is to utilize public funding to attract private investment,…
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Creating a better balance in the energy industry

The world’s biggest power generation event, POWERGEN International, recently held a meeting to highlight the importance of a better balance within the energy industry workforce, with a core focus on increasing the number of women in the workforce, but also improving diversity and inclusion levels. The Lunch for a Better Balance included three key speakers,…
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Diversity challenges within the solar industry

As the renewable energy market continues to grow, solar jobs are rising rapidly, with a number of new opportunities emerging from installation through management. Kerene Taylor of nonprofit organization WE ACT for Environmental Justice, explains that there are multiple opportunities available in the solar market, but, unfortunately, diversity within the industry isn’t reflective of our…
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women in energy

How to retain top women talent at the highest level

Despite rising efforts and increased recognition of the benefits of diversity in the workplace, the number of women working in energy, particularly at the senior level, continues to remain considerably low. A recent report by S&P Global highlights that if women entered and remained in the workforce at a similar rate as witnessed in Norway,…
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Government of California intend to manage who can install energy storage

The recent vote within the Contractor State Licence Board has sparked a new process to control the type of energy storage systems that solar installers without a certified electrician license can put online.  The Legislative Committee of Contractor State License Board (CSLB) in California agreed on starting the process to limit the installation of energy…
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Clean energy jobs surging but further efforts needed to tackle diversity

Government leaders looking to put people to work should set their sights on policies that boost clean energy―especially energy efficiency. That’s the lesson of a new, comprehensive report that found industries whose products cut energy waste are leading the entire energy economy in job creation. The report found that nearly 3.3 million Americans were working…
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