Meeting the Nation’s Demand for EV Fleet Charging Hubs | Neha Palmer of TeraWatt Infrastructure

The Green Light

What was it like to found a startup dedicated to building EV fleet charging hubs after nearly a decade of leading energy strategy for Google? In this Green Light episode, Catherine spoke with the brilliant Neha Palmer, CEO at TeraWatt Infrastructure, who had the foresight to anticipate the future real estate, operational & interconnect needs of EV fleets across the country. Fast forward to today & TeraWatt has properties in 18 states, just completed a large EV hub project near LAX, & has key partnerships with companies like South Korea’s SK Signet. Neha also talked about how she started her career as a gas engineer at PG&E & an Associate at Goldman Sachs before transitioning into cleantech, as well as her advice for those looking to join the cleantech industry.

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