Revolutionizing Community Solar in Pursuit of Environmental Justice | Kristal Hansley of WeSolar

The Green Light

Did you know community solar capacity in the U.S. has doubled year over year in the past decade? Today, Catherine speaks with an incredible clean energy leader who is responsible for such growth and the expansion of community solar on the East Coast.

Kristal Hansley, a Howard University Alumna, is the first Black woman to found a community solar company. Kristal was recently featured in Fortune, Bloomberg LP & Vogue for her leadership on topics like environmental justice. Through WeSolar Inc., she has revolutionized community solar by pledging to save customers between 25% & 50% on their electric bills; & removing barriers like long-term contracts & stiff credit checks. Tune into today’s episode, to get a peak into WeSolar’s strategy and how partnerships have empowered community solar to reach inner city residents in places like Washington D.C. & Maryland.

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