Hailing from Nigeria, meet the new Executive Director of Women of Renewable Industries & Sustainable Energy (WRISE) | Doseke Akporiaye of WRISE

The Green Light

In this Green Light episode, Catherine spoke with Doseke Akporiaye, about becoming the new Executive Director of @WRISE. Hailing from Nigeria with a background in computer programming & management consulting, Doseke has led an incredible career to date. From starting her own consulting business to successfully launching the Nigerian branch of off grid solar company @Oolu & expanding it to 60% of the country, Doseke has proven her expertise in both the non-profit as well as the for profit worlds.

I recently spoke with Doseke about how she transitioned into clean energy, what it was like to launch these companies & what initiatives she’s most looking forward to pursuing at WRISE. We also spoke about why Doseke believes the clean energy industry needs more women founders as well as more support for women in non-technical roles. Listen to our full discussion: bit.ly/3oIB9pG.

With job boards, career fairs, webinars & over 40 local chapters, WRISE provides exceptional resources for systematically excluded communities looking to enter into & grow within the clean energy & sustainability industries. Learn more about WRISE: bit.ly/41utNnN.

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