Vehicle-to-Everything & Bidirectional EV Charging | Claire Broido Johnson of Fermata Energy

The Green Light

“Park it, plug it, profit.” Did you know sustainable-minded companies could earn upwards of $8k per summer just for parking just one EV at specified times? In this Green Light episode, Catherine spoke with Claire Broido Johnson, who was recently hired as COO at Fermata Energy, about all things V2G, or vehicle-to-grid. Claire is well known for having founded SunEdison alongside Jigar Shah, as well as for having deployed $11B of the stimulus package during the Obama Administration.

Catherine also spoke with Claire about Fermata Energy’s projects with Revel & NineDot Energy, the first V2G system on NYC’s grid, as well as their projects with New Hampshire Electric Cooperative & also Verizon at the Brooklyn Naval Yard. Fermata Energy was also the first company to have a V2G bidirectional charger approved by Nissan for use with the LEAF  in the U.S. & we can’t wait to see what they are able to accomplish under Claire’s leadership.

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