Assessing a candidate’s cultural fit

Assessing a candidate's cultural fit

Read the transcript from Dylan Green Dylan Green with Claudia M. Meer, CIO and CFO of AlphaStruxure assessing a candidate’s cultural fit. 


Catherine: Hi, I’m Catherine McLean, managing director of Dylan Green. I’m here with Claudia Meer from alpha structure. Claudia is the CFO and CIO of our infrastructure. Claudia, I’m curious, what advice would you give someone like me, a recruiter trying to help alpha structure grow?

Claudia: Well, you know, to me one of the hardest things is fine is figuring out fit. And so a lot of what I believe that a recruiter can really help us with is understanding the fit of a person in the environment that is being cultivated when you come together as a team of people that have never worked together before, you’re creating your own corporate culture and really finding those people that not only have the capability and the competence and the confidence, but having also the, the ability to work well in a team and, and kind of be the leader in some situations and maybe be more of a team player and others to fit well in that culture. 

Catherine: I think that’s what I love so much about networking is that you are able to assess that culture first before you happen to read somebody’s resume. You’re meeting them first, right? 

Claudia: No, that’s critical. And I think that that’s when, especially when you’re in a small company like AlphaStruxure that’s growing really rapidly, we really need the assistance of someone who’s capable and able to help us in that capacity so it can find good fits.