Sales vs. Business Development

Sales vs. Business Development

Read the transcript from Dylan Green with Pam Maines of Empower Energies discussing the key differences between sales and business development.

Catherine: Do you think there’s a difference between sales and business development?

Pam: I do, we’re not order-takers so we, we need to interface with the customer. We need to listen to their needs and requirements. We need to be compassionate and, and passionate about their needs. We need to be empathetic. That’s all part of business development, not necessarily sales. And I’ve seen both sides. Somebody who’s, you know, just an order taker who’s like, you know, checking the boxes versus somebody who’s really engaging with the customer. [inaudible].

Catherine: So does the conversation need to change? When I do recruitment, I’m constantly asked for hunters, hunters, hunters, hunters. So are people having the wrong idea of what they need in their organization to actually bring deals in?

Pam: I think this syntax may be off. I think when people say Hunter, they mean something else. They mean something like eagerness, earnestness, urgency. Those are qualities that I look for because you want somebody who’s going to be a self-starter. I tell people who are in this organization when they’re running an opportunity, they’re the CEO have that opportunity. Sure. So they have to get people excited. They have to rally people internally to get behind their opportunity. So if you want to call that a Hunter, call it a Hunter. That person is probably going to be more successful because they’re good at tapping, you know, finance to pay attention to their deal, first operations to engage in a customer conversation. Those people aren’t necessarily tagged with those responsibilities and getting those people to help you on your deal. That’s essential.