Community Solar Development for Tribal Nations & Geothermal Startups | Salina Derichsweiler of SunShare

The Green Light

Did you know that 51% of professionals working in clean energy transitioned into the industry last year, according to a recent survey? Our CEO recently spoke with Salina Derichsweiler, who transitioned from oil & gas to founding & leading geothermal startup, Transitional Energy. In her current, new role as Director of Development at SunShare, Salina is leveraging her experience developing a wide range of energy projects to accelerate community solar in New Mexico, both within & outside of Tribal Nations & Pueblos. 

They spoke about her work at Transitional Energy, which received funding from the Department of Energy, the State of Colorado, as well as a $2 million grant from the Clean Sustainable Energy of North Dakota. Salina also highlighted the significance of diversity & representation when it comes to building trust with Indigenous communities, particularly in the context of development work.

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