Handling Hot Button Topics at Work

Handling Hot Button Topics at Work

Read the transcript from Dylan Green regarding how to handle hot button topics at work.

Catherine: During the election period, you had something where you all were talking about the election and it was quite polarizing. Can you explain that a little bit more?

Jen: Sure. You know, I think at the end of the day, when politics come into the workplace, the pressure tends to raise a little bit. My advice to people is to be respectful of the other point of view as you’re talking about something. To be able to talk as much as possible from a fact base, and
valuing other points of view. And asking, “Well, tell me more about why you support this or that.” Or, “Why do you see it that way?” Or, “I never thought about it that way.” “Can you explain more?”.

So I think really listening for understanding is one of the techniques that we’re working to have people leverage. Whether it’s about politics or it’s about a tough decision that you’re making in the business. It’s the same kind of skill set. So I think that’s one thing and not being sarcastic, not overshadowing what someone’s trying to say, not talking over someone, and not interrupting. 

I know that those sound like common sense things, but they go out the window when you’re talking about that tough thing that you have such a strong opinion about. So a lot of times it’s pulling back and seeking to understand. But also being willing to walk away with, “We’re coming at this from different angles, and that’s okay.”