Diversity in Candidate Pools

Diversity in Candidate Pools

Read the transcript from Dylan Green with Kristin Barbato, Founder and CEO of Build Edison and Co-Founder of Dynamo Energy Hub on diversity in candidate pools.

Catherine: So the last advert that you posted, I’m curious to know what’s the difference between male-female split and more importantly, what’s the difference of people from various backgrounds?

Kristin: I’d say it’s, it’s been a couple of years but, and it depends a lot on of course different types of technology or technical posts that we do our jobs posting for. But I would say maybe it’s about a 30 to 70 split women to men. I would let, and still that’s improving. It’s not there yet, but we’re getting better. And I’d also love to see some more diverse backgrounds in the applicant pool. So we wind up having to, when we post, when I have posted in the past, putting that posting out to our networks to get as much of a rich, diverse applicant pool as possible.

Catherine: Right. I think there’s real benefit to me in cities like New York, DC, London because we really are at an advantage with all sorts of people from all over the world here.

Kristin: And what you really want in building a business in a city like that is to have your company represent the area that you’re, you’re in. It’s a great fit culturally. It makes doing business easier and understanding some of the local flavor of things and getting some of the diverse perspective into your, your team.