Debunking Common Hiring Advice

Debunking Common Hiring Advice

Read the transcript from Dylan Green with Kristin Barbato, Founder and CEO of Build Edison and Co-Founder of Dynamo Energy Hub on debunking common hiring advice.

Catherine: Hi, I’m Catherine McLean, managing director of Dylan Green and I’m here in New York city today with Kristin Barbato, CEO and founder of Build Edison and cofounder of Dynamo Energy.

Kristin: Yes. Dynamo Energy Hub. Thank you. So nice to be here with you today.

Catherine: What’s a common piece of advice that you tend to disagree with in recruitment process?

Kristin: I don’t necessarily agree with all of the standards that we have to have for college, master’s degree, years of service. I think that there’s a lot of experience that we’re leaving on the table because we don’t have people who are checking every single box on the skills and requirement table  for that job.

Catherine: I totally agree. I mean, it’s my professional opinion that if they need 75% of the criteria, especially if they’re a tenant that takes a lot of the diversity boxes and these companies are really struggling to meet those requirements, that it’s at least worth bringing in for an interview.

Kristin: I agree. I also think that as we were discussing earlier, if you’ve got 10 things on your checklist for this hire of requirements that you need to fulfill, what makes you think that in two years that that list isn’t going to have different things on it? So it’s not necessarily perfect that you have the perfect candidate that might be the perfect candidate that you think with those parameters and those assumptions for now. But as your company and your team and your market and your client base grows and has different needs, you want somebody that can actually grow with them as well.