Bonus Points

Bonus Points

Read the transcript between Catherine and Vanessa Deutschmann of Empower Energies revealing several bonus points to consider for your resume and during an interview.

Catherine: So bonus points if on the resume you have sales figures,

Vanessa: Bonus points if you can talk about why this particular opportunity that you’re interviewing for would fit into your growth and development as a professional, no matter how long you’ve been in your career or in the business

Catherine: Bonus points if you have achievements, bonus points, if you show progression within the companies that you’ve been in.

Vanessa: If in your interview you demonstrate a self awareness about what makes you good at what you do.

Catherine: If you value networking

Vanessa: If you’re nervous about the interview. Bonus points if you just name that and own it.

Vanessa: Ways to identify a rockstar someone who comes in the room and is able to very quickly establish a rapport and a relationship with me as your interviewer.

Catherine: A rock star is a person that can comfortably talk on their resume and in an interview about their achievements without coming across as arrogant.