Anne and HR Leadership

Ann and HR Leadership

Catherine: One thing I also want to highlight when you and I have spoke, you’ve mentioned Ann Sweitzer as somebody that has really been pivotal in getting you guys up and running during this challenging time. Can you talk a little bit about Anne and what her role has been?

Elizabeth: Ann Sweitzer is the head of our HR department. She has been an incredible leader through this transition. She has been able to connect our workforce on a remote basis by developing group yoga classes, virtual meditation classes and mindfulness. She is been communicating across the organization, new policies and tools for working remotely. And she’s also really been advocating internally for mental health concerns, because COVID affects so many people. And you know, really, it can be very traumatic, I think because there’s so much change going on. So she’s really been an advocate to make sure that there are resources available for all of our employees. It’s been fantastic and exciting to see her leadership really get the recognition it deserves in light of this disruption.